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Large groups

Enter the paranormal world

investigate the objects

You must carefully investigate the hidden objects and avoid at all costs coming across the cursed ones. Don't let your guard down and keep your senses alert, as one wrong step could mean your demise. Will you be able to escape from this eerie place?

gloomy atmosphere

Unsettling sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers echo through the halls. Several visitors have gone missing here. Venture forth with caution and prepare to face the unknown.

It's a cursed place

This is a cursed place, full of shadows and mysteries. The walls creak and sounds follow you. Here, something sinister lurks, ready to trap the unwary.

Time to live the best experience

What is the large groups section?

What is the large groups section?

The game that combines both rooms is called The Curse of Abandonment. This is a unique experience that combines the mysteries of the two rooms, Cursed Objects and No one is left here.

Participants in this game enter a room full of dangers, where time is a crucial factor. They only have 90 minutes to uncover the hidden secrets in both rooms and escape from the curse that binds them together.

The room is full of objects, some safe and some cursed. Participants must find the safe objects and avoid the cursed ones, as they can trigger a curse that would trap them in the room forever. The room is also full of hidden dangers, such as deadly traps, dark corridors, and locked doors.

In addition, the room is filled with eerie sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers, which increase the tension and mystery. Participants must work together to find clues and uncover the truth behind the curse.

But the room is also full of secrets. The disappearance of the people who once occupied the room is a mystery that can only be uncovered by connecting the cursed objects from the first room with the eerie sounds and loneliness of the second.

Participants will have to solve puzzles and unravel the secrets behind the objects to uncover the truth and escape from the room before it's too late.

The Curse of Abandonment is a terrifying escape game that combines the excitement and mystery of both rooms into a unique experience. Participants must be clever, work as a team, and always be alert to find a way to escape. Will they uncover the truth behind the curse and escape in time? There's only one way to find out.

Are you ready to enter the room?

The Curse of Abandonment is perfect for large groups of 9 to 18 people and offers an exciting experience that lasts up to 180 minutes. Are you ready to discover the secrets of The Curse of Abandonment with your friends and colleagues? Immerse yourself in a unique experience and find out if you have what it takes to escape the room before it's too late!

Uncover the truth behind the curse that unites the two rooms and get ready to face the hidden dangers lurking around every corner. Do you have the courage and cunning to escape before the curse traps you? Time is running out!

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