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The cursed room

Enter the paranormal world

Choose your adventure

You can play any of our two adventures individually or, if you're very addicted and 1h30 is short, merge them and play an immersive 3 hour adventure.

Large groups

Do you want to show that you are the best? Grab your friends and divide into two teams to compete against each other. This mode is perfect for groups of 4 to 16 people.

Fear or mystery?

Whether you are a fan of horror or scared by your own reflection, this room is for you! You can choose between our two game modes: Terror mode: You will not be alone and you will have to watch your back. You never know what could happen... Mystery mode: If you choose this mode, only you will be there during the game, no one will appear to scare you. Of course, the setting, the music and the play of lights will continue on stage.

Due to objects, strange
things have happened

The East Wing: The cursed relic

The East Wing: The cursed relic

Several guests claim to have lived supernatural experiences within the walls of this inn. Lights that go out, objects that change places, creepy whispers... all accompanied by the wailing of a mysterious woman that everyone seems to hear but no one has managed to see.

It seems that the owners of In this disturbing inn they are also researchers of occult subjects and in their travels they have managed to get hold of various cursed objects, which they keep exposed in the east wing of this dwelling. One of these objects could be to blame for these paranormal phenomena.

The innkeeper, knowing that you are a team of investigators with experience in this type of situation, has asked you to come to La Posada del Cuervo to put an end to this matter before it is too late and the curse of this relic ends up bringing something to this world that should not be here.

- Group of 2 people: €37 per person (€74 in total)
- Group of 3 people: €27 per person (€81 in total)
- Group of 4 people: €21 per person (€84 in total)
- Group of 5 people: €19 per person (€95 in total)
- Group of 6 people: €17 per person (€102 in total)
- Group of 7 people (Not recommended): €16 per person(€112 in total)
- Group of 8 people (Not recommended): €15 per person (€120 in total)

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