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The cursed room

Enter the paranormal world

investigate the objects

You must carefully investigate the hidden objects and avoid at all costs coming across the cursed ones. Don't let your guard down and keep your senses alert, as one wrong step could mean your demise. Will you be able to escape from this eerie place?

gloomy atmosphere

Unsettling sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers echo through the halls. Several visitors have gone missing here. Venture forth with caution and prepare to face the unknown.

It's a cursed place

This is a cursed place, full of shadows and mysteries. The walls creak and sounds follow you. Here, something sinister lurks, ready to trap the unwary.

Due to objects, strange
things have happened

The East Wing: The cursed room?

The East Wing: The cursed room?

The room is filled with objects, but not all of them are safe. Among them are the cursed objects, which you must avoid at all costs. However, finding the safe objects will not be easy, as they are well hidden.

Each cursed object is a potential danger, and simply touching them can unleash a curse that can trap you in the room forever. Therefore, you must always be alert and carefully observe each object before touching it.

The demonic dolls and cursed pendants are disguised among other more common objects, while the ancient remains may be hidden in some dark corner. Additionally, some of them are protected by deadly traps that will activate if you touch them incorrectly.

To find the safe objects, you will have to examine every corner of the room carefully, looking for clues and solving puzzles that will lead you to them.

But be careful, time is running out, and every second that passes brings you closer to danger. If you touch a cursed object by mistake, you can activate the curse and be trapped in the room forever.

Will you be able to find the safe objects and escape the cursed room before it's too late? The answer is in your hands, adventurer.

Are you ready to enter the room?

The cursed room is a place where fear and darkness come together to create a terrifying experience. This game is for 2 to 8 people, who will have to work together to find a way out before it's too late. They will only have 90 minutes to find the safe objects and avoid the cursed ones, in a race against time. The room is full of dangers, and each object can be a deadly trap. Can the players overcome their fears and find a way to escape before the curse takes hold of them?

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