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There is no one left here

Enter the paranormal world

investigate the objects

You must carefully investigate the hidden objects and avoid at all costs coming across the cursed ones. Don't let your guard down and keep your senses alert, as one wrong step could mean your demise. Will you be able to escape from this eerie place?

gloomy atmosphere

Unsettling sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers echo through the halls. Several visitors have gone missing here. Venture forth with caution and prepare to face the unknown.

It's a cursed place

This is a cursed place, full of shadows and mysteries. The walls creak and sounds follow you. Here, something sinister lurks, ready to trap the unwary.

Strange things are happening in the room

The West Wing: There is no one left here

The West Wing: There is no one left here

The west wing of the room is known as 'No one is left here'. Eerie sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers echo throughout the room, creating an atmosphere of mystery and terror. But the most disturbing thing of all is that there's no one in the room, no one except you and your team.

The feeling of loneliness and abandonment is overwhelming, and you wonder what happened to all the people who once occupied the room. Where are they? Why did they leave? Why does the room feel so empty?

You'll have to work as a team to uncover the hidden secrets of the room and find clues about what happened there. Every sound and every shadow may be a clue, and every object may contain an answer.

But be careful, you're not alone in the room. The eerie sounds you hear in the air seem to be accompanied by something else. A sinister presence seems to be lurking, waiting for the right moment to attack.

As you progress through the room, you'll face new challenges and dangers. Will you be clever enough to overcome them? Can you uncover the secret behind the disappearance of all the people in the room?

Time is running out, and every passing second is a reminder that something dark and sinister is lurking in the room. Can you uncover the truth and escape before it's too late?

'No one is left here' is an escape game full of mystery and danger, where teamwork and cleverness are key to survival. Do you dare to uncover the secrets of the room?

Are you ready to enter the room?

In 'No one is left here', an exciting game for 2 to 8 people that lasts 90 minutes. Sounds of laughter, crying, and whispers create an atmosphere of mystery as you explore the room for clues about the disappearance of everyone who was there before. The loneliness and mystery are palpable, but by working together, you can uncover the secret behind the disappearance. Be aware that you must be alert at all times, as something mysterious seems to be lurking in the room. Can you find the answers before time runs out? The adventure begins now!

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