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It depends on you. At La Posada del Cuervo we have two game modes: Terror Mode, where there will be actors who will scare the players, and Mystery Mode, where there will be no scares or anyone interfering with the game, however the same setting will be maintained both visually and sonorous. In the event that the group wants to change modes during the game, it will suffice if they ask for it, in La Posada del Cuervo nobody comes to have a bad time.
The rooms are designed for all kinds of people, both children and adults are welcome. However, they may be difficult for children under 14 or 15 years of age, so we recommend that they be accompanied by at least one adult.
Our games are designed for groups of between 2 and 8 people. In the case of larger groups, we recommend taking the competitive experience, in which two groups can play at the same time but only one of them will be able to reach the final prize.
You can pay by credit card through the website when you make the reservation. In case you need an invoice, you can ask for it in our local.
No problem, but at least 72 hours notice is required. You can cancel or change your reservation by calling our phone number. If you do not show up at the reserved time, we will unfortunately have to cancel it.
It's okay, we are here to solve them. Call us at our phone number +34 603 031 581 or write to our email to ask us what you need. We will be delighted to assist you!
very important We recommend attending the reservation ten minutes in advance. In case of arriving very late, unfortunately we would have to cancel the reservation since our game is planned to the minute and a delay with one of the groups would harm all the others.
Of course! An Escape Room is an original and fun gift, which is why we have created the “Gift Card” tab that you can find at the following link: In that tab we explain how it works.
Yes. English game is available upon request. Please send us an email BEFORE making your reservation

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